Toddler Feeding Tube Backpack

My amazing little miracle of a nephew has been struggling with serious medical issues since the day he was born.  He is only 4 years old and has a feeding tube button on the left side of his belly.  He uses a modified backpack to hold his feeding bag.  My sister had to alter a regular backpack and is in need of a replacement.  Since I am still a beginner at sewing, I found this toddler backpack sewing project by Amber at CrazyLittleProjects.  It is a good size and I need it to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible.

This is his currently modified bag:

Here are some more examples of what they typically look like on the inside:

So here’s my first shot at sewing a test version of the backpack.  I followed along with this tutorial and found it to be SUPER easy!  The final dimensions are perfect…13″x11″x3″!

Toddler Backpack Tutorial

Now that I have an idea of what the backpack will look like, I’ve ordered the fabric for the actual bag.  He is a huge Disney Pixar Cars fan so I found this awesome pattern sold by the yard on Etsy.  (Here he is at his first movie ever!  Too cute!)  I’d like to make the lining a dark goldish yellow but not 100% sure yet.  A patterned lining really looks nice too.

To make the the backpack more durable and to protect it from spills, I’m going to TRY to use an iron-on clear glossy vinyl that claims it is flexible and machine sew-able.  It may eliminate the need for the interfacing I used on the test version.

I am also thinking of using a nylon webbing for the straps.

Stay tuned to see how the final version turns out!