Armchair Organizer for Remotes w/Magazine Holder

I made this armchair organizer by simply googling some pictures and freestyling it.

I started by measuring the arm of the chair I needed it for.  I didn’t want it to hang too low.





I cut the following for the main piece of the organizer:

  • Cut 1-  47″x14″ main fabric (I used a flowered canvas print to make it more durable)
  • Cut 1 – 47″x14″ lining (I used muslin as a lining here but the lining is optional)

With right sides facing, I sewed the main pieces of fabric and lining together.  I sewed around all borders leaving a 4″ opening to turn it inside out.  Once inside out, I pressed the opening shut.  It will be sewn closed once I attach the pockets.

Next, I cut the following for the pockets:

  • Cut 3 – 5″x14″ main fabric pocket pieces
  • Cut 3 – 5″x14″ lining pocket pieces

(The hardest part is always cutting fabric.  I have a helper that’s not so helpful but I don’t have the heart to tell him.  Strange how every time I layout some fabric, both of my dogs come around and park it right on top.  Wonder if anyone else has this problem?)

With right sides facing, I sewed each of the pockets to a piece of lining. I sewed around all borders leaving a 2″ opening to turn it inside out.  Once inside out, I pressed the opening shut.  It will be sewn closed once I attach the pockets.

I folded the main piece behind itself to form a 15″ magazine slot.  Wrong sides should be facing.  Sew in place.

I pinned the pockets in position.  I overlapped them 1/2″ to hide my seams but it is not necessary.  I sewed each pocket in place starting with the top-most piece.  I sewed 2 lines vertically down the length of the pocket to form 3 smaller pockets.  And I sewed one line down the middle of the second pocket to form 2 pockets.  I left the bottom pocket alone to form one long pocket.

This was an easy project for a beginner sewer like myself and now my mom wants one too!

If you decide to try one out too, I’d love to see it!

Making a Llama Applique








I have a niece that is absolutely obsessed with llamas.  Since I live to please her, I am always on the lookout for llama stuff.  I saw a gym bag in a Papersource ad last month that had a llama with sunglasses and pom poms for hair.  I decided to TRY to make a similar one…

I made 4 pompoms with my Clover Pompom making tools.  I have a small and a medium one.

To make the llama applique, I took a piece of muslin and drew a llama on it with a fabric marker.  Muslin is an extremely lightweight cotton cloth.  It is very inexpensive and ideal for practicing.  The muslin is thin enough to trace something underneath it just in case you are not comfortable drawing.  Feel free to download my sketch of a llama here.  HOWEVER, any fabric will work for the llama since it will be painted on anyway.

Then I painted the llama using fabric paints.

I cut the llama out and TRIED using fabric glue to adhere it to a backpack but it did not stick well.  I also did not like the raw edges that started to fray.  It did not look good.  I recommend you skip this part and use pins to hold it in place as you sew instead.

So I knew I had no choice but to sew it on.  I made this toddler backpack yesterday.  (Click here to see how).  I used a seam ripper along one side of the zipper to open the lining.  I carefully sewed the applique on with a zigzag stitch.  This was my first time using that stitch on an applique with so many turns.  Not my best work but I’ll keep practicing.

Here I hand-sewed the pompoms on.  I used a heavy duty black waxed thread I use for book binding to make sure they don’t fall off easily.  Regular thread will work, just make sure it is very secure.

And here is my finished llama applique…

And here is my finished backpack!

I would LOVE to see how yours turns out!  Please share your pics with me!

Toddler Feeding Tube Backpack

My amazing little miracle of a nephew has been struggling with serious medical issues since the day he was born.  He is only 4 years old and has a feeding tube button on the left side of his belly.  He uses a modified backpack to hold his feeding bag.  My sister had to alter a regular backpack and is in need of a replacement.  Since I am still a beginner at sewing, I found this toddler backpack sewing project by Amber at CrazyLittleProjects.  It is a good size and I need it to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible.

This is his currently modified bag:

Here are some more examples of what they typically look like on the inside:

So here’s my first shot at sewing a test version of the backpack.  I followed along with this tutorial and found it to be SUPER easy!  The final dimensions are perfect…13″x11″x3″!

Toddler Backpack Tutorial

Now that I have an idea of what the backpack will look like, I’ve ordered the fabric for the actual bag.  He is a huge Disney Pixar Cars fan so I found this awesome pattern sold by the yard on Etsy.  (Here he is at his first movie ever!  Too cute!)  I’d like to make the lining a dark goldish yellow but not 100% sure yet.  A patterned lining really looks nice too.

To make the the backpack more durable and to protect it from spills, I’m going to TRY to use an iron-on clear glossy vinyl that claims it is flexible and machine sew-able.  It may eliminate the need for the interfacing I used on the test version.

I am also thinking of using a nylon webbing for the straps.

Stay tuned to see how the final version turns out!


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