The Blythe Life Miniature Girl’s Room

I custom made this box for an Etsy customer.  She simply provided me with a picture of her daughter’s room.  I asked her to pick a few key items she really wanted to include and it has turned out to be one of my very favorite projects!  I love it so much!

I started by painting a recycled shipping box with the dark olive color.

Then I cut up an old white hand towel and dyed it the right color using Gelatos.  Gelatos are basically a water-based paint sticks.  A little goes a long way and they kind of have a chapstick consistency to them.

I used wooden Popsicle sticks to make the bed and painted it black.

To make the pink bungie chair…I used white elastic from my sewing stuff.  I mixed some fabric paint in different shades of pink.  I put the elastic strips in glass jars and sprayed them until they were completely covered and waited for them to dry. I used a thick gauge jewelry wire for the legs.

I took a green piece of fabric and sewed a very simple robe.  I added more color with some green fabric spray paint and added loops and a belt.


I handmade all the accessories by sewing and painting.  The white paper lantern is twisted strips of paper glued together.  The baby dolls started off all white.  I painted them to look similar to Blythe’s dolls.  I also molded and painted some items (wall art, disco ball, basket) with baking clay.


I found a battery operated string of lights at Hobby Lobby ($3.99) and attached them with a piece of Velcro under the bed.

I used muslin, fabric spray paint and a stencil to make this bag to hold all the accessories during shipping.

And here’s my finished box!



DIY Easy No-Sew Barbie Paper Dress

HOW TO EASILY make one yourself….

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This is a very easy project that has endless possibilities.

Download and print this pattern onto an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper.  Draw a design or pattern prior to cutting if desired.  Carefully mold the top piece to the dolls shape and use tape to close the back.  Wrap the skirt around the waist (with the top piece tucked in) and tape to close the back.  Add a belt and straps if desired.  This is the basic concept.


Here, I’ve used spray craft glue to attach a piece of fabric on to my paper before cutting the pattern.  Instead of tape, I used Velcro to close the back.  I folded pleats in the skirt and neatly hot glued it around the waist.  I added a ribbon to make it a party dress and done!

Project Duration: approx 20 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

I would LOVE to see how yours turns out!  Please share your pics with me!


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DIY Miniature Doll Kitchen

HOW TO make one yourself….

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One of my favorite things to do is replicate real rooms.  This box was inspired by my actual kitchen:

I started with a box I use for shipping.  I used acrylic gesso here to cover the  shipping labels.  Although it is not required, I recommend this is if you plan to paint the box in light colors to keep the labels from showing thru.  It’s not necessary with darker colors.



I painted the outside of the box in a checkered pattern.  I used 2″ squares here.

I also painted checkers on the  bottom of the box.  It will be my kitchen floor.  I painted the remaining interior walls in a light aqua.

To make the cabinetry along the back, I painted a recycled box black.  I cut it into two pieces (one for the top and one for the bottom) and hot glued them in place.  I cut, painted and hot glued the doors on.  I attached silver stud stickers to look like knobs but gluing small beads work too.

I added a strip of white glossy paper to act as a backsplash between the top and bottom pieces.

To make the refrigerator, I used a small recycled box and painted it a glossy white. I also painted extra cardboard strips to make the interior shelving.   I glued magnet strips along the doors to keep them closed.


Here I used a different sized box for the fridge.

Next, I molded some white baking clay parts and painted them.  The microwave and oven are also flat painted clay pieces.

I printed out some artwork for the walls and used scrap cardboard (or wooden Popsicle sticks) painted black to make the frames.  I also glued scrap cardboard to the right wall to make the table/bar.  I found the stools on clearance at JoAnns but I now make my own with clay and a thick aluminum jewelry wire.

I attached a battery operated tea light with Velcro to the underside of the microwave.  I also  used wooden Popsicle sticks and fake leaves to make the plant above the fridge.  I have used leaves from old fake plants and I have also hand painted them on paper and curled them to give them a more realistic look.

And here are some examples of the finished product…



Project Duration:  approx 2 days (lots of waiting for paint to dry)

Skill Level:  Advanced

I would LOVE to see how yours turns out!  Please share your pics with me!


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DIY Rock & Roll Babydoll Diaper Changing Station

HOW TO EASILY make one yourself….

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A few months ago, I reached out to a local doll club via email and inquired about joining.  They have been kind enough to invite me to 2 meetings so far.  I am so thrilled to be invited to another this Saturday.  The meetings include show & tell and a theme.  This time the theme is “What Does a Baby Need? Baby Doll Accessories from Antique to Today”.  I only have one cheap little dollarstore babydoll that sings when you press on her stomach….but she’s adorable!  She sings “I got rhythm, I got soul, I’m happy when I rock and roll!  Spotlight shine on me! I’m a rock and roll-er bayyy-bee!” Then at the end she says “I’m a rock and roller baby!”.  She could use some accessories!  I decide to make her a diaper changing station.

I’m starting with some recycled/upcycled boxes I use for shipping.

I cut off some tabs and add some wooden Popsicle  sticks with a glue gun.  I sand the edges of the boxes a bit to make them smooth and easier to paint.

This recycled Ipsy shipping envelop has a nice “padded” feeling.  I’m always looking for reasons to use it because it’s such a pretty pink metallic color.

I will use push pins for the legs and the knobs.  I was lucky enough to find some that look like wood and they are a little larger than normal but any color and any size works.  Clear ones are always good.  I took some small wire cutters and pulled the pins out and I’m left with only the plastic piece.  They won’t poke anybody and they are easier to glue on.

I paint the boxes black with acrylic paint and add some polka dots (my favorite).   I got lazy and didn’t paint the inside of the boxes before I assembled them so I’m just going to paint the inside of the drawers as far as my little paint brush will allow.  No big deal.

I measured around the top bars to add a crib liner.  The dimensions are 9″x6″x2″.  I sew one ong 21″ tube, turn it inside out, and fill it with a tiny bit of stuffing and I flatten it as much as possible.  Then I sewed 4 ribbons on where it will attach to the bars..

And I’m done…I’m loving it!  There is an optional gift exchange on Saturday in celebration of a National Doll Day so I’m going to give it away!  So exciting!

Project Duration:  approx 2.5 hours

Skill Level:  Easy

I would LOVE to see how yours turns out!  Please share your pics with me!


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