Squidbillies Make ‘merica Great Again

I’m a huge fan of Squidbillies on Adult Swim and my guess is that Early is a Trump supporter.  He came to mind when I needed to decorate a folder to hold all these historical moments and my thoughts on the constant Breaking News!  What a week!

Chris Cornell, Wide Awake

Written by Timothy Commerford, Chris Cornell, Tom Morello, Brad Wilk • Copyright © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

Wacom Intuos Digitally Drawn Panda

To create this Wacom Intuos digitally drawn panda, I used my new usb drawing tablet.  Digital drawing is NOT easy for me but I gave it a shot and quickly became addicted to it.  It’s a very basic and simple drawing.  Installing the tablet was incredibly easy.  The tablet connects to my laptop via USB and I simply downloaded the ArtRage Lite app.  It comes with a stylus and like a real writing instrument, the harder you press, the thicker and bolder the strokes become.  I was able to find a royalty free image of a baby panda online and imported it using the trace feature to create a rough outline of the panda.  Then I began coloring it by playing with all the tools.  The polka dots and flower are stencils I airbrushed on.  The grass is a “stamp” feature.  I simply changed the color of the stamp and went all around the border.  It doesn’t compare to the amazing art work examples I’ve seen.  It’s such a different feeling than putting pen or pencil to actual paper.  It will take some getting used to but I look forward to practicing with it more!  I am also teaching myself Fudenosuke (a lettering form similar to calligraphy) and this is great for practicing as it has all sorts of pen and brush options.  It saves me from going through stacks of expensive specialty paper that won’t ruin your pens.  I eventually used this image to create an applique I sewed on a backpack for my panda-loving niece.

Feel free to download and use my panda image here.

If you have any digitally drawn pics or tips for me, please share!