I started making doll playsets/boxes with clay miniatures when my nieces asked me for doll clothes. I was thrilled! In a desperate attempt to keep them my little girls forever, I decided it would be more fun to make them myself. I also wanted it to be special and unique. They all love arts and crafts and I highly encourage them to be creative in their own ways. We live apart so I frequently use my own home and belongings for inspiration in an attempt to share pieces of my life with them. I ended up making tons of doll clothes. Then, of course, I needed a place to store them so I started decorating the USPS flat rate box I was sending them in. I added more and more accessories and got a bit carried away and that’s how these boxes came about. I challenge myself by trying not to use manufactured items. I love every moment of this hobby and hope you like what you see! I’m always open to new ideas and I am willing to make custom boxes as well so I’d love to hear from you!