Tom Riddle Diary Follow-along

This is another of my nephews.  He’s a little genius and reads very well.  His mom sent me this picture of  him reading Harry Potter for he first time. We were so so excited!  So I made him a Tom Riddle Diary of his own to write and draw in.  I followed along with this tutorial by Jennifer at Sea Lemon.

I added this tag I happened to come across somewhere. It was very easy to create with Word.

I folded sheets of paper in half and sewed them together to form a text block.  (learn how to do create a text block from Jennifer @SeaLemon).

Using my home-made book press (also learned from Jennifer @SeaLemon) I covered the edge with the stitching with PVA glue. (PVA glue happens to be flexible and is good for bookbinding).

Then I put some weak coffee in a spray bottle and sprayed each page individually.  Then I dried it with a hair dryer to make things move along faster.

I used a thin piece of vinyl that had similar texture to the real diary from the movie.

Then I took a piece of cardboard and cut the corners similar to the real diary from the movie.

I painted them antique gold and glued them to each of the 4 corners of the book.

Then I used alphabet stamps to add Tom Riddle’s Name on the back in gold.  That’s it!  And what a bonus…it smells like coffee.   Yum!