3-Ring Binder Makeover

To makeover this mini 3-ring binder, I started out with a slightly banged up binder I found at a discount store.  The original price was $3 but it was marked down to .25 cents!  I didn’t have a purpose for it then but no way I could pass up that deal!  I got 2!  I’d like to send a gift to an Etsy customer/friend of mine. I decided to cover the outer binder with a black vinyl-like chalkboard fabric.  Not sure how practical it is to write on a binder with traditional chalk but I liked the looks of the material so I used it anyway.  Chalk markers would probably work better.


  1. I cut the fabric around the opened binder and left a 3/4″ border around the entire thing.
  2. I trimmed the corners and I adhered the fabric with spray craft glue.  I carefully folded the edges in.
  3. Then I cut two sheets of decorative scrapbook paper to size and glue them to the inside covers.
  4. This is for a male so I kept the decorating very low key by stamping the name of the company in silver across the front.  The chalkboard material did not allow it to dry so I sprayed it with some final fixative protector and that solved the problem.