DIY Rock & Roll Babydoll Diaper Changing Station

HOW TO EASILY make one yourself….

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A few months ago, I reached out to a local doll club via email and inquired about joining.  They have been kind enough to invite me to 2 meetings so far.  I am so thrilled to be invited to another this Saturday.  The meetings include show & tell and a theme.  This time the theme is “What Does a Baby Need? Baby Doll Accessories from Antique to Today”.  I only have one cheap little dollarstore babydoll that sings when you press on her stomach….but she’s adorable!  She sings “I got rhythm, I got soul, I’m happy when I rock and roll!  Spotlight shine on me! I’m a rock and roll-er bayyy-bee!” Then at the end she says “I’m a rock and roller baby!”.  She could use some accessories!  I decide to make her a diaper changing station.

I’m starting with some recycled/upcycled boxes I use for shipping.

I cut off some tabs and add some wooden Popsicle  sticks with a glue gun.  I sand the edges of the boxes a bit to make them smooth and easier to paint.

This recycled Ipsy shipping envelop has a nice “padded” feeling.  I’m always looking for reasons to use it because it’s such a pretty pink metallic color.

I will use push pins for the legs and the knobs.  I was lucky enough to find some that look like wood and they are a little larger than normal but any color and any size works.  Clear ones are always good.  I took some small wire cutters and pulled the pins out and I’m left with only the plastic piece.  They won’t poke anybody and they are easier to glue on.

I paint the boxes black with acrylic paint and add some polka dots (my favorite).   I got lazy and didn’t paint the inside of the boxes before I assembled them so I’m just going to paint the inside of the drawers as far as my little paint brush will allow.  No big deal.

I measured around the top bars to add a crib liner.  The dimensions are 9″x6″x2″.  I sew one ong 21″ tube, turn it inside out, and fill it with a tiny bit of stuffing and I flatten it as much as possible.  Then I sewed 4 ribbons on where it will attach to the bars..

And I’m done…I’m loving it!  There is an optional gift exchange on Saturday in celebration of a National Doll Day so I’m going to give it away!  So exciting!

Project Duration:  approx 2.5 hours

Skill Level:  Easy

I would LOVE to see how yours turns out!  Please share your pics with me!


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